Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When God Speaks...

         When God speaks to you, you listen.  How strange is it that when we hear of instances of God speaking to someone, our humanness leads us to question whether it was truly the voice of God.  For me, flags begin to go up in my mind and it's like, "Biblical Radar!  Activate!" While I listen with an open mind, there is always an inkling of protection, preparing for something that does not align with what my Bible says.

But I wonder...who do I think I am?  Through years and years of selfish prayers, asking, talking, rambling...I have finally learned to be quiet; and in the quiet, I have begun to hear God's messages to me....and He has a lot to tell me.  There's a lot I need to hear. So why do I think God will only speak to me through my own meditation?  How presumptuous of me to assume that God wouldn't speak to me through others?

So what do I do with these messages?  Are they all for me, or does He call me to share them?  Yesterday, in the midst of very slow moving 5:00 traffic, God started speaking to me.  The message needed to be recorded, written down, but I was driving.  So I pressed the handy "speech-to-text" button on my phone and began saying out loud what God was speaking into my heart.

I didn't even really grasp it until later, when I read it to my women's prayer group two hours later. Maybe I still do not grasp all of it.  So in the spirit of faithfulness, I will share these words here.  I invite discussion.  I encourage comments asking, debating, whatever you feel compelled to write in response.

You need to find out for yourself what God expects of you. You need to do some research. Get out your Bible, go on the Internet, ask other women what do you think God expects of me? Then, make a list. But you must remember, that first and foremost you will never be able to do everything on that list every day. You will always fall short. And God expects that from you. Because that is why he sent his son to forgive your shortcomings. So if you want to know where you should go, what you should do, and who you should do it with, go to your list that you made your self based on your own research. Just remember it is not a list you expect to live up to. But it will form your decision-making process, and hopefully it will ingrain in you the character that you wish to develop.

If God expected us to be perfect, He would not have sent his son. There would not have been a need for Jesus to die on that cross for our sins.

In other words, if God expected us to be perfect here on earth, he would not have had to come in an earthly form as Jesus. We are perfect in God's eyes. We are forgiven for everything we've ever done or will do. We were given that when we decided and chose to believe in Jesus. That is Grace.

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