Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, Hurricane Prep: Take TWO for those of us on the Gulf Coast.
As you al know, Gustav, which was deemed to doom us, dwindled in the Gulf, avoiding MUCH damage and destruction. I know some areas in Louisiana had more desctruction than others, and my Loving thoughts, prayers and vibes are with you always.

When your windows have been boarded up, your fine china is packed up and your cars are gassed up, what more is there to do? The days before Gustav's predicted landfall, hundreds, maybe thousands of people used the power of positive thinking and Gustav actually calmed.

The very last thing I did after the baby, the dog and the cat were secured in our truck, was to write on our dry erase board on the fridge: "It's so great that Gustav calmed!"

Returning home five days later, it was that message that welcomed us home, safe and sound.

It's time to do it again. Time to send out your Lovelight, visualizing Ike calming, like a wittle hurricane baby being rocked to sleep by the waters of the Gulf. Here's a suggested affirmation you can use to actually eliminate Ike's power:

Ike is calming in the Gulf. Our homes, friends and family, are safe and secure.

I'm telling you....IT WORKS!!!!! The Power of Faith, Love, Vibes, SO MUCH STRONGER than any storm. Believe me.

Bobby Jindal, Louisiana's Governer, is saying right now that for Hurricane Gustav, 80,000 people were approved through FEMA for hotel assistance and only 1,000 stayed in hotels. (Or, I guess, only 1,000 requested FEMA's hotel assistance.)

I have found some coupons for hotels if it is necessary. Don't get stuck with nowhere to go. Let's just try to ensure we have a safe place to go, because if we don't need to evacuate, we can always cancel the reservations.

(1) $20 off with 3 night booking!

(2) $30 off with 5 night booking!

(3) Save Big NOW on all Hotel Bookings with a $100 Cash Back Rebate!

(4) Save between $20 and $100 on ALL Hotel Bookings Now!

***Department of Social Services will be open tomorrow (Tuesday, September 9, 2008) 1-888-524-3578 press option 3 to bypass the menu and find out if you qualify for assistance.***

Some other helpful links:

(5) Emergency Supplies and Preparedness Kits at Hurric

(7) Download Legal Forms, if necessary:

(8) Jindal is saying that there is a shortage of tarps. You can order your own, and pay for overnight shipping.

Tarps Anchor 11017 20' x 20' Poly Tarp Woven Lamin (Sold Individually)

(9) Valuable monthly discounts on shopping. The 2009 Entertainment Book is Now Availble! Order Today and Get Free Shipping!

Please leave your positive thoughts and encouragement for everyone in the Gulf Coast, as well as those affected by Hannah on the East Coast.

I hope this was slightly helpful. Be safe. I already know that WE are more powerful than IKE!

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