Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you know this person?

There's this woman who is just absolutely beautiful. She has this unbelievable light inside, and when she shines,

MAN! This lady SHINES!

But sometimes, she dims her light so low that she can't see. She extends her arms and feels her way around, but she ends up bumping into stuff and stubbing her toe.

The weird thing is that when I see her feeling her way around, I can see clearly all around her, because I didn't dim her light, she did.

So, when I can, I reach out my hand and grab hers and bring her into my own light, just for a while, until she can see a little better.

Eventually, she can find her light switch with the little flicker of light that I gave. And she brightens and there she is again,


But what if no one else is around the next time her light goes out?

No worries. She's found her way to the light switch before.
Maybe she's always had a little help, and this is the first time she's gotta do it on her own, but she remembers how to get there.
And on her way, she might stub that toe again, or bump into things, but she'll get there and when she finds that switch again,

Because this time, she found it on her own.

Not only is she simply GLOWING, but she's PROUD, she's CONFIDENT, she's ready to dance in her own light.

Look at her.
Do you know her?


Look in the mirror. There she is.

And if she needs a little of my light, or if I need a little of hers, I KNOW, without a doubt, that our lights are here for the sharing.

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