Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Kiss of Bliss Project

What is a Kiss of Bliss?

A kiss of bliss is a powerful way of sending love, positive energy, power, and so much more to anyone, anywhere in the world. This project began in late 2007 by the owner of a powerful group for mothers on cafemom that is dedicated to the power of profound love. It is also referred to as the Pure Focused Energy Experiment. Because the results have been astounding, I have decided to spread this powerful mode of transferring love to anyone who wishes to love or be loved.

The process is simple. Anyone can participate and it is completely free, but the end result is worth more than gold.

  • Simply choose someone you love. (Or someone you don't, that works magically, too.)
  • For a designated period of time (a week is recommended), when your schedule allows, focus on your person of choice enveloped in total bliss, whatever bliss means to you. This may involve visualizing the lovee receiving money, feeling loved by those near, receiving respect at work, filled with the energy and power of love.
  • It is optional, but you can send special messages or letters during this week to your lovee. Call to say you're thinking about him or her. Ask if he/she can feel your energy at a particular moment.
  • You may tell this person before their designated time begins or you may choose not to tell him or her until the time period has ended.
  • Encourage the lovee to journal any changes or actual experiences that occured during the time they were kissed with bliss.

Here's my own personal response to my week of love:
(This is how it feels.)

I encourage everyone to try this project. What better gift to give someone than your complete and utter belief that he/she is feeling great? Because there's one thing everyone in the world has in common:

We all want to feel good.

I have done this project with my closest friends. When we were all transitioning from college to "adulthood"--- and I use that term loosely, roadtrips to hang out with each other were often. But life, love, careers, and families became more of a focus and adulthood (yuck!) became our passtime. Living about 200 miles apart, we do not get to enjoy each others presence as frequently as we would like.

By spending one month focusing on one of us for a whole week, we have been reconnected through what really matters: our hearts. Here is a video I made for my friend who had the priviledge of experiencing the first kiss of bliss week:

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