Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unfreaking believable!!!

It's CRAZY!!!

Alright. I finally get to the point, although it's hard not to find these adorable images: Gotta do it in list format or else I'll ramble.

1. 6:00 tonight: My mom calls me asking me if I want to go see Oprah, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Jennifer Hudson, Ellen DeGeneres, Charmaine Neville, Salma Hayek, Rosario Dawson, Ashley Judd, and Julia Stiles in The Vagina Monologues!!!
2. DUH!
3. I said, I'm there!
4. She said, a teacher she works with is buying the tickets tomorrow and I'm giving her our money then.
5. How much? I say.
6. 125.00
7. Crap! I say.
8. Aside: Due to the $1,000 earnest whatever on the house we're buying and a SUPRISE $450 for an appraisal on our house, we have $200 in the bank. (We've depleted our savings with the adoption expenses lately.)
9. Mom says, she doesn't have it to loan me (I didn't ask, but she knew I was figuring it out in my head.)

10. Sorry. Had to take a break to do another dance.
11. I told her I'm going! I said I'd check our bank and call her back later.
12. 7:00: Checked the bank. No go.
13. I contemplated calling Anthony (out of town for the night) and using the advice in chapter 2 of The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love* , but then I knew how he is and I couldn't risk any negative vibes.
14. 7:20: So I sat here, surfing cafemom knowing without a doubt that I'd be there. I didn't do ANYTHING at this point.
15. 7:48: My little sister calls me.
16. We haven't really talked in a few weeks.
17. 7:48:13: I hear, hey, I'm bought you a ticket to The Vagina Monologues.
18. She said she isn't doing it for any reason except that she wants to. Not because she owes me or she wants me to pay her back, she just wants to.
19. I've been trying to work with her to heal her life, accept her past, and love herself.
20. She said she gets it now.

Breathe it, Believe it, Achieve it

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