Sunday, January 25, 2009

How a Man Cooks a Gumbo

We've had a hankering for a big ole' Gumbo, and because the temperature yesterday dropped from 76 to 41 degrees in 8.2 seconds, my husband thought today would be the perfect day to "whip up" a pot. (We have to do winter stuff quickly around here since tomorrow, I'll probably be laying out in the backyard in my bikini....for us Louisianians, "unpredictable weather" means "totally predictable weather".)

While I was busy in Lafayette yesterday doing a Premier Jewelry Show, he packed up our two-year-old and trecked to Wal-Mart to get gumbo supplies.10 AM, bright and early, he started cut, cut, cut...chop, chop, choping the ingredients.

While my son and I marched, marched, marched around the house (his new OBSESSION...marching! Thank you, Jack's Big Music Show), the smell of the perfect cold-day-in-Louisiana Sunday meal wafted its way down our parade route. I peeked into the kitchen and saw my brilliant Cajun Cook standing near the stove, arms folded, face beaming with pride.

Then I see what he's so proud of.

THIS is how a man cooks a gumbo:



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